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Consider options on ballot

November 2, 2012
The Leader Herald

What a lame endorsement for Sen. Hugh Farley and Assemblyman Marc Butler in The Leader-Herald's Oct. 25 editorial. Following its endorsement, the Leader wrote:

"Butler and Farley should be a louder voice for fair state education aid for small schools and relief from unfunded state mandates. They should attend county, city and town meetings to get a better idea of the challenges facing local government and residents.

"They should use their influence to bring more state aid to Fulton County. They should be proactive in helping local communities by guiding them in applying for state and federal grants ... We would like to see more action."

Where is the enthusiasm for these men who have had the opportunity to do all of the above - Sen. Farley in the same position for 33 years and Assemblyman Butler for 17 years? Was this even a logical endorsement?

Farley and Butler were invited to a Fulton County supervisors meeting concerning unfunded mandates. Unfunded mandates from the state government constitute nearly the whole county budget. This requires real-estate tax increases, a severe burden on people with low incomes and for small businesses. Sen. Farley and Assemblyman Butler did not attend the supervisors meeting. They showed little interest in our Fulton County government.

The Leader mirrored the attitude of the voters who habitually elect incumbents to office. We get the kind of government we deserve. We can change. We have options.

Madelyn Thorne is running for the state Senate seat and Joseph Chilelli for the Assembly. They are seriously dedicated to fostering economic growth and job creation, supporting our agricultural industry, reducing the tax burden and, most of all, have said they know they must work with both sides of the aisle. Mr. Chilelli has gone door to door in Fulton County, talking with people regardless of party. Both Madelyn Thorne and he have come to any invitations asking for their presence. Chilelli is from Herkimer and Thorne is from Schenectady - each in areas close to Fulton County. For more information, check their websites.





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