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Support DiMezza for post

November 2, 2012
The Leader Herald

I've had the pleasure of getting to know City Court judge candidate Traci DiMezza and am extremely pleased with her inviting personality, honesty, integrity, professionalism and, above all, her ability to answer any questions about her candidacy and platform. Having been on the city Republican Committee, I had the honor of listening to Mrs. DiMezza's, her opponent's and former candidate Trainor's answers to questions posed by the committee. Mrs. DiMezza never seemed shaken or confused by the questions asked of its members, and Mrs. DiMezza impressed me over her opponents by a long shot. Sure, one can say that this is just my own personal impression of Mrs. DiMezza, but the polls do not lie, and Mrs. DiMezza won not only the Republican Party nomination in the September primary, but also the Conservative Party nomination.

I keep hearing that Mrs. DiMezza's opponent has so much more experience than she does, so he's the obvious or "only choice," as one of his supporters recently wrote, but being appointed by one city official to serve as City Court judge and gaining only 10 months' experience as the appointed judge doesn't make one the "only choice." Again, that showed in the primaries when Mrs. DiMezza defeated the appointed judge on not one, but two, party lines. How does one win two party nominations against a current appointed judge if he's the only or obvious choice? It's taken hard work by Mrs. DiMezza, her family, her campaign team and most importantly, the positive feedback the citizens of Gloversville share with one another after meeting Mrs. DiMezza.

Mrs. DiMezza doesn't need a biased forum created by her opponents' supporters and endorsers to get her word out to the voters of Gloversville. Mrs. DiMezza has done plenty to reach out to all the citizens of Gloversville regardless of political affiliation by going door to door, spending plenty of her own hard-earned savings (without ever asking for one donation) on radio ads, lawn signs, newspaper ads, billboard signs and more. A Facebook page and a webpage are also available with contact information to reach Mrs. DiMezza with any questions one might have for her.

Please join me in voting for DiMezza as our elected City Court judge on Tuesday where the voters decide their candidate this time.





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