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Better security necessary

November 2, 2012
The Leader Herald

With Election Day fast approaching, who do I want to represent my ideals? In Rome, if one of its citizens was threatened, the perpetrators suffered the wrath of the entire empire. One of our diplomats and security military men were killed. Our president made it to the talk shows to down play the event. For political reasons, the White House spun the story as a random act based on a bogus video.

The bigger question is, random or not, is our government looking out for our citizens overseas? Libya is mess. That being said, you would think we would have adequate security for our citizens. They had requested but were denied useful measures to enhance their protection. Britain had pulled out because of the unstable environment. Was this not a clue to beef things up?

I shutter to think how our military feels about its commander if the administration was willing to hang our Libyan contingency out to dry. Why not them? The vice president went on a national debate and assured us that we will know when Iran has a nuclear weapon, but he can't confirm what he saw in real time as our citizens were being murdered?

Re-elect this guy and I can't blame Israel for what it must do. We don't have their backs and they know it. Look how our administration backed up our own. Planning a trip overseas? Good luck. It is my hope this president resigns for lying to us at the least and trying to cover it up at best. Bowing to an Arab king was reason enough. Act like a president, even if you're unqualified; the office demands it.





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