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DiMezza ‘stumps’ for seat

November 2, 2012
The Leader Herald

To the voters of Gloversville:

Because letter writer Vicki Ingalls apparently did not do her research, allow me to present my dictionary's definitions of "forum" and "stump speech."

Forum - noun; a place, meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.

Stump speech - (politics), a standard speech used by a politician running for office. (As a point of interest, the word "stump" may also mean confuse.)

Stump speeches and single-participant interviews are not public forums.

Ms. DiMezza has not participated in numerous public forums. She has appeared in only one public forum, the "Talk of the Town" radio program. She has, however, made numerous stump speeches and single-participant interviews. These are not public forums.

Ms. DiMezza was scheduled, along with her two opponents, to be interviewed by a Republican committee early in the campaign. She was unable to make that appointment but scheduled a solo appearance for another day. For whatever reason, she also begged out of appearing at a scheduled Rotary Club forum with her two opponents, but again, managed to reschedule herself for a solo stump speech. Several weeks ago, radio station WENT attempted to arrange another forum with her and Judge Clo. She refused to participate.

Ms. Ingalls showed concern regarding "bias" if the Democratic Party sponsored a public forum. It was also suggested that Ms. DiMezza was uncomfortable that the proposed moderator, Pat Beck, would be biased because she is the publisher of The Leader-Herald, the paper that endorsed Judge Clo before the primary election.

To eliminate bias, or partiality, Judge Clo is on record as being willing to participate in a public forum to be sponsored by anyone at any place and at any time. He even suggested that if she wished, it could take place in Ms. DiMezza's living room with her mother as moderator. Judge Clo has nothing to hide and does not fear the truth.

Both candidates should be available to answer questions from the public. The Republican Committee, as a result of the primary election, has endorsed Ms. DiMezza. Not all registered voters were able to participate in that election, and many who did vote, voted against her. To vote responsibly, all voters need to have the opportunity to meet and question both candidates.





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