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Corruption rules county

November 1, 2012
The Leader Herald

Tuesday will be the 11th and probably last Election Day I will waste whatever time I have left attempting to encourage greater voter participation in Fulton County elections. Seventy-five percent of you still don't vote. Seventy-five percent of your local officials run for re-election without any opposition candidates.

This disgraceful anti-American behavior has made Fulton County a hotbed for corruption. The $3 million from the county Economic Development Corp. scandal is still missing. We never got an explanation why checks totaling $200,000 were paid to the Crossroads Incubator Corp. attorney. Recently, we learned $750,000 of the more than $2 million in Gloversville's HUD grant money that was given by prior Gloversville officials to the EDC for a revolving loan pool was loaned to the CIC in 2006 and not a penny has been paid back in six years. All of this was done right under the noses of the EDC/CIC boards of directors, composed of our community's so-called business and educational leaders who are supposed to protect the finances of the two organizations.

Five of Gloversville's schools are on the state's in-need-of-improvement list.

I could go on and on, but you people just don't care, and you let the politicians walk all over you.

All of this is a perfect example of the miserable community Richard Russo describes in his books.

This year, you have the distinct dishonor of having two individuals who the comptroller of the state ruled had improperly accepted money they were not entitled to running to be judges in Fulton County. John Clo was improperly appointed Gloversville City Court judge by Dayton King even though the mayor knew what the comptroller had determined, but appointed him anyway, and now Clo is running for election. Then there is Peter Stone - the former chairman of the Fulton County Board of Supervisors who the comptroller said violated state law by becoming a partner with the winning contractor on a $1.4 million county-bid job on the Route 67 water project - running for justice in Oppenheim to replace a justice who resigned under fire.

Fulton County, in all honesty, and it hurts me to say this, but you are a disgrace to the words "American democracy." You are a dictatorship run by one party, plus the business and media community do as they please while you sleep, and corruption rules the day.


Town of Johnstown



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