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Quackenbush likes taxes

November 1, 2012
The Leader Herald

I read that a majority of the members of the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors endorsed Tom Quackenbush. Of course they did. The Montgomery County Board of Supervisors has balanced its budgets by raising county taxes and depleting its reserve funds to dangerously low levels - so low that Quackenbush himself testified that if they continue at this rate, Montgomery County is destined to fail.

Now they seek to raise sales tax by "a percent or two." This will harm everyone, but our seniors living on fixed incomes and the unemployed will feel this the most.

We know that George Amedore, while serving as our assemblyman, was vehemently opposed to supporting that legislation because he knows how devastating further tax increases would be for the families of Montgomery County. We also know that Angelo Santabarbara is against tax increases. Angelo, like George Amedore, has never voted to increase taxes.

But Tom Quackenbush isn't like George Amedore or Angelo Santabarbara. He testified at a state hearing and said "Let us raise the sales tax by a percent or two. For every percent, that would mean $6 million for us."

Raising taxes is not the solution - but to politicians like Tom Quackenbush, it is. Let's elect Santabarbara. He will find ways to save us money, not ways to take more money from us.





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