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Qualifications key factor

November 1, 2012
The Leader Herald

I am a woman. I'm also a Democrat who could not vote in the primary for Gloversville City Court judge because New York state is not an open primary state. Had I been able to vote, I was leaning very strongly for Traci DiMezza, even though I felt then and still do that Judge Clo clearly has the most experience for the position. Maybe my vote for Traci would have just been "a woman thing." After much thought, I realized that's not a very good reason to vote one way or the other. Qualifications for the job should be the deciding factor. Gender is not a qualification in this case.

Other than his obvious judicial experience, Judge Clo has also impressed me with his willingness to talk to anyone or any group and answer any questions. From what I heard and read recently, Ms. DiMezza does not seem to be willing to do that unless she has total control. Newspaper ads and radio sound bites are no substitute for live answers to legitimate questions. Speaking of newspaper and radio ads, and also yard signs, anyone with enough money can buy all of them they want, but I think a candidate for any office should talk to the voters, not at them.





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