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DiMezza just a politician

November 1, 2012
The Leader Herald

Traci DiMezza is an excellent politician. When voters point out how she constantly exaggerates her qualifications, she turns it right round. She claims that she is being attacked with negative campaign tactics. Ms. Filding's recent letter to the editor is another perfect example of how the DiMezza campaign has time and time again swept the truth under the rug.

When we catch a candidate red-handed with a trumped-up resume full of half-truths, shouldn't we voice our concerns? Pointing out her dishonesty is not negative campaigning, it is simply voicing the truth. We deserve the facts, even if DiMezza might find the truth about her lacking qualifications to be inconvenient.

DiMezza runs a typical, cash-flush campaign. They're great at stretching the truth as close to its breaking point as possible, and they immediately cry foul when they get caught. As an example, they point to an internship that DiMezza held as a student and call it "work" that qualifies her to hold one of the most important citywide positions in Gloversville. As a student, not a licensed attorney, to what extent could DiMezza have really participated in all the hundreds of cases she mentions? Does observing as actual licensed attorneys work on cases count as experience in DiMezza's book? How about fetching coffee or doing basic legal research? Does Traci DiMezza think that those tasks qualify her to run our court, too?

Traci DiMezza has proven that she is an excellent politician. She has spent more than $30,000 trying to convince voters that she is more qualified than she really is.

She is hoping we won't look into her record. She is banking on the idea that if she just spends enough on ads espousing her accountability and experience, people will just buy it.

We don't need another politician in City Hall. We need a judge.





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