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DiMezza breaking barriers

October 31, 2012
The Leader Herald

The election for Gloversville City Court judge recently came to our attention by an article that was written in the Daily Gazette. I belong to many civic organizations, and during discussions about politics, I overheard one friend say to the other "have you heard about the woman running for city judge in Gloversville?" I was immediately interested, as I am a woman myself, and always eager to support qualified women for positions in government. I am also retired from the court system.

I was cautiously curious. I am not one of those people who step foot blindly into a voting booth and look for female names. I give each candidate proper consideration. I ask lots of questions. I do tons of research. If a candidate is smart and qualified, I will consider that candidate. If I like what the candidate stands for, the candidate has my vote. If that candidate happens to be a woman, all the better.

I don't buy into the argument that in order to do a job, you have to have done it before. That would mean no one could advance. No one would get promoted. College graduates would always be unqualified. How would anyone get any experience? How did the current judge get his judicial experience? He attended Judge's school, like every new judge, and Mrs. DiMezza will, too. Gloversville survived a period of "on the job training" when he took office, and it will survive another.

This young woman, who is running her own campaign, is a seasoned lawyer, a mother, a wife, a community activist, and is undoubtedly capable. I understand the claims of experience on the other side, but are they trying to say she isn't qualified? That's a hard sell, and I find it difficult to believe.

I went home from our meeting very glad that a local story like this came to my attention. With all the hoopla that surrounds the presidential election, it was nice to hear of a local gal, breaking through barriers, and all in the name of "moving forward." I think Mrs. DiMezza is someone all people of all genders should aspire to. I will look to the results of November's election with the hope that she prevails.





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