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Doheny the better choice

October 30, 2012
The Leader Herald

Our district, and the country as a whole, faces an important decision in the upcoming election. For our 21st Congressional District, it comes down to our current congressman, Bill Owens, or his Republican challenger, Matt Doheny. It is as clear a choice as that between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Mr. Owens is yet another lawyer in Washington. His main accomplishment seems to have been voting for Obamacare, which takes health care decisions out of the hands of patients and puts them into the clutches of unaccountable bureaucrats. It also robs Medicare of over $700 billion to move into Obamacare, as well as acts as a major job killer. To top it off, Mr. Owens supported the failed card-check legislation embraced by big union bosses that would take secrecy out of union elections.

I don't think any serious person would doubt that there needs to be major reform if we are to get our economy going again and preserve things like Medicare for current retirees and future generations. However, this reform won't happen with representatives like Bill Owens.

Fortunately, we have a choice, and a much better one in Matt Doheny, a former businessman who is much better suited to fit into a new Congress that will face daunting economic policy decisions that will determine the course of our nation for years to come. Matt has a much better grasp of what makes an economy tick and what policies will need to be enacted in order to make that happen.

Having met Matt at numerous events as he travels endlessly throughout the district meeting people and getting to know every little town, I can vouch for his hard work and determination, qualities that will be needed in Washington if there is to be any hope of reform.

Our district, and country, can't continue on the same course without there being a train wreck somewhere down the line. Vote for change on Nov. 6. Vote for Matt Doheny.


Moriah, N.Y.



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