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Sabotage was attempted

October 30, 2012
The Leader Herald

I haven't lived in Gloversville for nearly five years. But prior to that, we lived in Gloversville for much of our lives. I keep up with things because believe it or not, I miss Gloversville. It is a beautiful area, great city and great people.

The attempt of Robin Wentworth and John Clo to sabotage the campaigning of DiMezza is obvious. Who in the world arranges a candidate forum without first notifying the candidates? Who in their right mind would think of doing something like that with such short notice? I don't know much about politics or either candidate, but I would imagine that candidate DiMezza is busy running a campaign. Instead, it seems she found herself having to ward off an obvious attempt to distract her, run her off course and complicate her schedule. Political maneuvers, most certainly, and very sad to see.

Like my dad used to say, "It's just plain wrong and you know it." The only people who don't see that are too impassioned for the other candidate, and wrongfully so, you are voting for a judge. This is a position of high respect and stature. A candidate for a position of such level should, of all things, be fair. Does Clo think what his campaign supporter did to his opponent was fair? Why would a person running for this type of position want to be associated with something so obviously biased? It sounds like desperation to me, and desperation isn't really a character trait of someone I would want for judge.





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