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Gloversville judge’s efforts appreciated

October 30, 2012
The Leader Herald

At this time, I would like to thank Judge John Clo for all he does on a daily basis to support the efforts of the Gloversville Police Department in increasing public safety for the citizens of Gloversville.

When I first took the office of chief of police in May, Judge Clo approached me and asked if we had any concerns about the interactions between City Court and the Police Department, and what he could do to work with us on them.

I expressed that his availability to respond for arraignments quickly and at late hours helps us tremendously. This is important because when an individual is arrested on a warrant, the New York State Criminal Procedure Law requires that the person be arraigned or be held until a judge is available to arraign him or her. This, in turn, requires an officer, who would be better serving the citizens out on the street, to be forced to stay inside with the prisoner until a judge arraigns him or her.

Judge Clo has consistently made himself available to this department at all hours of the day and night. If not for the continued efforts of Judge Clo to arrive and arraign these people quickly, an officer would be tasked with supervising that person for countless hours inside the station. Any delay in a judge's response leads to one less police officer on your streets, and a temporary decrease in the level of public safety we can provide the city.

In my position as chief of police, I believe that police agencies and the courts can work together to increase public safety. Judge Clo's actions since taking the bench prove this point.

While I can't endorse any candidate, I can provide information that I have to the public to allow people to make an informed decision.

In the interest of fairness, I cannot comment on the other candidate's stance on this issue as I have never met her or been contacted by her to discuss this or any other issues that would affect the working relationship between City Court and the Police Department.


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