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Door closed after the fact

October 29, 2012
The Leader Herald

Letter writer Richard Ottalagano, very well stated. If they took aerial photos of the Kinderhook housing project in Gloversville now, the road would be much closer to the plane, seeing how 6 inches or more of blacktop was installed because the road was caving in. As far as the 10-ton signs go, just recently a 60,000-pound flatbed with an industrial-size telescoping reach truck proceeded up Brentwood Avenue.

Question: If this "development" has value added, why a moratorium for the rest of the city? Why should just us folks who at one time had quite a peaceful neighborhood reap all the benefits - traffic, water run-off, displaced wildlife and on and on?

In closing, thank you city for closing the barn door after the fact. What a shame.





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