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Questions need answers

October 29, 2012
The Leader Herald

Without a public forum, it seems that a letter to the editor is the only way to get Traci DiMezza to publicly answer a question. A member of DiMezza's committee answered Don Gifford's letter, so I have some questions to ask and I hope I get an answer. Will DiMezza live up to Jessica Fielding's statement that she will "always respond to attacks upon her qualifications and experience"? I'm sure a lot of people want the answer to these questions.

Did you enter into a partnership agreement with Steven Friedman?

Were all 68 counts of your professional misconduct from checks or other things?

I thought law school is three years; did you really work at the Bridgeport public defender's office for three years? Did you start your first day of law school?

I thought law students couldn't practice law; did you really "participate" in all those arraignments, witness interviews and jury selections, or did you just observe? If you "participated," how?

To the Republican Committee, what about all the Republicans who want a chance to ask the candidates questions? The Democratic Committee at least tried to help out voters of all parties with a forum. After all, the City Court judge is for everyone, not just Republicans.

I'm really concerned that DiMezza has made herself out to be too involved with the Republican Party. Can she be fair to non-Republicans? I hope the Republican Committee will have the forum for the benefit of every voter. Maybe this will help with the growing belief that DiMezza is just another politician backed by the power of a local political party? We need a judge who can serve publicly without being so political. An overly political judge may yield to political favors when called upon by party members. Even if the judge acts ethically, the image of bias may remain.

If I were to ever come before DiMezza as judge, would she be fair to me after I have publicly questioned her? Will DiMezza think I'm lying because I'm "biased"? Would DiMezza treat me better because I'm a Republican? Will DiMezza finally answer these questions publicly? The election is soon and the voters need accurate answers to make an informed decision.

To voters: An ethics complaint has been filed in Albany concerning DiMezza's misrepresentations. Consider this when you cast your vote.





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