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Forum obviously unfair

October 29, 2012
The Leader Herald

As a Gloversville resident, I feel that I have already heard and read all I need to know from the two candidates running for City Court judge. I would guess that most of the residents in the city have had either Traci DiMezza or John Clo knock on their door at some point in the past few months. I have personally known Traci DiMezza for the past 14 years. I know her well enough to say that she would never shy away from an opportunity to speak about her qualifications, or how she plans to serve the best interests of our city. I consider her reluctance to participate in a public forum in which she had absolutely no input both reasonable and justified.

I have to question why someone would organize, schedule and advertise a candidate's forum without first consulting with one of the candidates. I doubt she gave Pat Beck, the chosen moderator, such little or no notice. And I sincerely doubt her preferred candidate learned about the forum, on the morning news, like Mrs. DiMezza.

Traci has spent the past five months participating in a variety of public forums. She has been canvassing voters in this city, every evening, until dark. She is one of the most determined people I have ever known, and her and the committee have spent months filling her schedule with public appearances, coffees, dinners and meet-and-greets every evening leading up to Election Day.

I believe the forum was scheduled without Traci in the hope that either she couldn't attend, or it was organized with the sole intent to damage her and her candidacy. In the end, Mrs. Robin Wentworth has achieved what, I believe, she set out to do - give her own candidate an audience, a sound bite and another opportunity to pit one political party against the other.

Political posturing is something we shouldn't look favorably upon, especially in a race of this type. Whether or not Traci's opponent had involvement in this scheme is up for debate, but I would question his close association with someone and something so obviously unfair.





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