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Man, in jail, has no money

October 26, 2012
The Leader Herald

I am writing concerning a Gloversville man, Ralph VanAlstyne.

I was recently reading in the newspaper about everyone complaining about the money he embezzled from veterans organizations not being paid back.

OK, I understand you all want the money paid back. But let me ask something: How is a man supposed to pay the money back when he is locked up in jail? "You cannot get blood from a stone," as the saying goes.

You all wanted this man to go to jail and he went. Now, you want money too, but he has none, he is locked up.

Now, this man is locked away and you still bring him up in your papers. He is serving his time. Leave him alone.

Better yet, here's something to think about as taxpayers. Ralph may have been willing to pay the money back, but I guess it's just easier to lock people up, right?

In the big picture, it's costing the taxpayers money to house him, feed him and to take care of his medical needs. I think you could let him be.

Was it worth it, in the long run, to put this 60-plus year old man in prison? Of course not. Was he a criminal before this? Of course not.


Darien, Ga.



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