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Foreclose on regulating district land

October 26, 2012
The Leader Herald

After reading the article Oct. 11 in regards to Hudson River-Black?River?Regulating?District not being able to pay their back taxes, I began to wonder: how intelligent are the men and women we call town supervisors?

If the residents of this county are unable to pay their back taxes, the county forecloses and the county sells the property at auction.

If the county were to show a little intelligence, file a notice of foreclosure and follow through with their threats, each county would get their tax revenue.

Should the county have to follow through, the land would be sold to the people with homes around the lake or the permit owners would be given the opportunity to buy.

Foreclosing on the generating plant in Conklingville would more than provide necessary revenue for both counties.

Are our county officials smart or do they just like playing paper airplanes with Supreme Court Justice Richard T. Aulisi? It's our tax money they're spending.





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