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Clo best choice for judge

October 25, 2012
The Leader Herald

The race for Gloversville City?Court judge isn't a popularity contest. It isn't about who has the most signs, spends the most money or knocks on the most doors. It's not about gender. It's about who is the most qualified and most competent to fill this position. Voters may believe they will never appear in City Court; therefore, the position isn't important enough to give more attention than picking a lottery ticket. They are mistaken.

Your City Court judge should be someone with the ability to make the right decision based on his or her knowledge of the law and who serves the best interests of the residents of the city. As residents of this city, you are all affected by who is elected.

Judge John Clo has actively been fulfilling these essential requirements every day for the past 10 months as City Court judge. He has been commended for the high quality of his service to the citizens of Gloversville during his time in office. In September, The Leader-Herald endorsed Judge Clo because he "has shown commitment to his community, has the right temperament, experience and skills to do the job properly."

Your vote counts. Cast your vote responsibly. Educate yourselves with the real qualifications of each candidate. Consider how many times each candidate has actually been in court to gain experience. Judge Clo has been an assistant district attorney for 16 years. As such, he was responsible for representing each municipality in court in a county on quality-of-life issues, criminal violations, animal cruelty, domestic violence, child protection and attempted murder, among others -?every day for 16 years. That's a lot of real experience.

Judge Clo is well respected among his peers, the Gloversville Police Department and the people he has represented both privately, and professionally, as an ADA and as current City Court judge.

Judge Clo is the only candidate who can show he has the integrity for strong, credible, judicial leadership, has a history of both professional and public accountability and brings a fair, knowledgeable and responsive system of justice to the residents of Gloversville.

I am a graduate of Gloversville High School and spend a lot of time in my hometown. I see the same political games being played here as well as nationally. If we want change in this country, it starts locally. Keep the right candidate in office. Vote for Judge John Clo on Nov. 6.





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