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Writer biased from get-go

October 24, 2012
The Leader Herald

I'm writing in response to Debbie Schwencke's letter to the editor, "President hates the U.S.," that was published Oct. 12.

Schwencke is naive. How can she possibly form a definitive conclusion by watching a movie that was meant to be anti-Obama? She must be easily influenced.

Schwencke uses such terms as "socialist, Marxist, communist" and the like to describe Obama's policies.

However, those terms have nothing to do with the president's policies.

In addition, Schwencke even tries to relate unrelated keywords and phrases (codes) - such as poverty, Kenya and "loss of freedom" - to Obama.

She continues her writing, "Obama's not too fond of America," and adds she does not want to be called a "racist."

Madam, your wish is granted. I would never call you a racist. The English language is humane and offers me many other adjectives. Sadly, none of them compliments you.

She must believe Medicare and Social Security are socialistic freebies (entitlements) that are offered free of charge by the government. Most of us pay into those programs for 40 years before we even benefit from them. I, for one, want what is due me (rightfully mine).

If Schwencke wants to forfeit her share, that is fine with me. It's no sweat off my kazoo.

Conclusion: Schwencke is tilted and biased from the get-go.





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