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Hard-earned experience hard to duplicate

October 24, 2012
The Leader Herald

I am writing in response to The Leader-Herald's recent "jeer" regarding buying the airwaves with political ads that offer no substance. I completely agree. Although advertising is often a necessary evil when it comes to political campaigns, as Gloversville's City Court judge, and the incumbent candidate for the position, I am able to put real, honest substance behind my advertising. I am proud of my hard-earned experience and have been honest and truthful about my qualifications. My experience and qualifications come from years of working in our courtroom as well as many others, conducting jury trials, making hundreds of court appearances in Gloversville City Court as a prosecutor of blight and other city code violations.

Now, as Gloversville's City Court judge, I have the unparalleled experience of working for my fellow citizens around the clock, which is substance that cannot by duplicated. If a voter wants to know how good of a job I'm doing, all he or she has to do is ask anyone familiar with my work as City Court judge, or better yet, come by for a visit. The courtroom is always open to the public.

In that same "jeer," The Leader-Herald also lamented the lack of more public debates as part of the election process. Again, I agree completely. Judicial candidates are not allowed to have "debates" as such, but we are allowed to have and attend public forums. These forums are a valuable way to assess the credibility of any candidate. As a candidate and a judge, I have always made myself freely available to any group wishing to hear from both candidates regarding our qualifications for this position.

Recently, a local radio station offered myself and my opponent, Traci DiMezza, several opportunities to let the public know, in an open forum, as much about our qualifications, background and experience.

However, I was told DiMezza was unavailable for all of the possible dates.

That is more than unfortunate, since I believe a well-informed voter is one of the very cornerstones of our great democracy, and open, public forums are an outstanding way to learn more about your candidates.


Gloversville City Court judge



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