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GOP hindering Obama

October 23, 2012
The Leader Herald

Obama deserves credit for progressing slowly despite the obstructions put in front of him. Republicans made no secret of the fact these obstacles were put in front of him to prevent his re-election and not for the good of the country. (They boasted about this).

Barack Obama fights hard for what is good for most of the American people, unlike Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan, who fight for the 1 percent. The trickle-down economy of the Reagan years never worked. Bush's disastrous tax cuts for the super rich and two misguided, unfunded and unprepared wars (ask soldiers who were sent to fight without proper clothing and inferior equipment) contributed to the deficit Republicans conveniently ignored. As for keeping our country safe, the first Sept. 11 attack occurred during Bush's watch.

Senior citizens this is for you: those of you who support Romney/Ryan think your Medicare and Social Security are safe, but they can make that disappear too. Stop being selfish and give thought to your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren so they don't get a slap in the face from those two men.

I have voted in every presidential election since I was 18 (a very long time ago) and I will vote for Obama because he will give these young people a fair shot. Please remember the Republican Party has never been an enthusiastic supporter of these programs. Also, remember you contributed to Social Security and you have a premium deducted from your Social Security that goes toward Medicare. And they call this an entitlement? I call tax breaks for the 1 percent and subsidies for oil companies, etc., entitlements, and they should be stopped.

Think with your brain and don't get befuddled by Romney, Ryan or the campaign ads. There is no "fair play" with the current Republican party.

I am a woman of a "certain age" so I recall a much better and kinder GOP than what we see today. Honestly, I even voted for a Republican once or twice; but not this time. Obama all the way!





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