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Candidate’s information lacks specifics

October 21, 2012
The Leader Herald

I have followed with interest the City Court judge campaign in Gloversville. I have read the releases, heard the radio ads and listened to the candidates' one radio forum.

I also have sat in on a couple City Court sessions and watched Judge John Clo in action and can appreciate the challenge of interacting with such a wide variety of personalities with such a wide variety of legal issues.

In reading the candidates' literature and claims, Clo clearly has the varied background and experience necessary to handle such a challenging court well. And, of course, he already is Gloversville's City Court judge. If you want to know how good a job he's doing, it's as simple as reading the newspaper every day or as easy as going into court and watching.

On the other hand, Traci DiMezza's information about herself and her experience seems vague at best. I see no dates for when she says she did what - no places, no specifics at all. Has she ever conducted an actual jury trial? If so, when? Where?

She claims to have argued "countless" pre-trial and post-trial motions. Where? What courts? When?

She claims she was a criminal "staff attorney." Where? When? What staff? She says she "participated" in dozens of criminal appeals. "Dozens" to me means more than 24. This information is available online, and I can find only seven appeals that she wrote. It appears she lost all seven.

"Three years training with the Bridgeport Public Defender's Office." Again, based on public information available online, this seems to mean work she did 17-plus years ago as a student intern in Connecticut. Can DiMezza explain to the voters how this "experience" is relevant to Gloversville City Court today?

I don't know which is worse, the fact DiMezza wants us to believe her work as an intern, 17 years ago, qualifies her to be Gloversville's City Court judge or that she thinks the voters will go for it. DiMezza basically seems to be trying to put one over on the voters of Gloversville - salesmanship, fluff and wordplay in the place of substance and true, honest experience.

Dig deeper folks. Ask for a public forum where we can all ask each candidate pertinent real life questions. Ask your news agencies to dig deeper themselves. Cut through the chaff to whatever substance may - or may not - actually be there.





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