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Get involved to help fix Fulton?County

October 19, 2012
The Leader Herald

Why do we wonder why things in Fulton County are so wrong?

So many of us in Fulton County find fault and complain about everything in this county: spending, taxes, road conditions, education, budgets, and the list goes on.

How can we wonder what is wrong when public meetings at every level - county, city, village, school and towns - are not attended? The public is given time at these meetings to voice opinions and concerns, and most importantly, ask questions. We don't run for office, we don't volunteer for boards and we don't get involved. How many of you do not even know the name of your local mayor or supervisor? We don't take the time to take our young-adult children to these meetings to help them start paying attention and get involved. How many of our county teenagers are watching the national debates? This is their future.

If you want to replace the good old boys, we need some new old boys (and girls).

Shame on us for not even getting out to vote for elections on a local level. How many of us take our kids with us when we vote so they can start to see this is important. Do you know the voter turnout percentage in Fulton County?

Stop just finding fault and take the time to start finding solutions. We cannot fix anything by complaining from our living rooms. Things will not change without new people involved, new people for the voters to hear from, and new people attending meetings and asking questions.

Elected officials work for us.

When was the last time your boss did not question you?





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