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Make a statement by voting on Nov. 6

October 17, 2012
The Leader Herald

Everywhere I go, conversation turns to how the past four years have affected people, the upheaval of their lives and the uncertainty of their futures.

Two women behind me recently in the checkout line complained loudly about how the State Department was unable to put their finger on what to call the killing of our ambassador in Libya when, "it was as plain as the nose on your face."

I smiled and said, "You need to vote."

"What's the use," one said, unloading her cart.

Outside the post office, two older men talked loudly about the $70,000 spent by the administration for an ad on Pakistani TV.

"It's like we were blaming ourselves for those terrorists attacking us," one said, waving his arms in frustration.

"Nov. 6," I said, giving the thumbs up while heading for my car.

"Aw, they're all the same," one called after me.

"My candidate is different," I think to myself. "He's fiercely pro-American and I would be proud to have him lead my country at home and abroad."

Back home, I turned on the TV and the topic continued. The congressional hearing on the killings at our consulate in Benghazi was on. I learned requests for Site Security Team forces were denied because the administration wanted the situation to appear more low key and less military.

All this made me sad and mad, so I sat down and wrote this letter urging people to vote.

To me voting is empowering, and it's so easy now. No more claustrophobic little booth, no curtains closing; just me, my ballot and a felt tip marker.

We can gripe and worry, and the media commentators can have their say; but the only opinions that count are the ones that are cast as votes.

Celebrate your freedom as an American by voting on Nov. 6. Then, as you watch those numbers for the popular vote roll at the bottom of your TV screen on election night, you will know you made a statement about how you feel.


Town of Broadalbin



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