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Owens is never around

October 5, 2012
The Leader Herald

I'm writing this letter today from Madison County, where I serve as the county clerk and am currently represented in Congress by U.S. Rep. Bill Owens. As a result of redistricting, this county will no longer be in his congressional district. However, Saratoga, Washington and Warren counties, and all of Fulton?County, will be, and that's why I write today to let you know what you could get if you vote for Mr. Owens.

For the last three years Mr. Owens has been in Congress, I haven't seen him a single time, and I echo that from many other local officials who also haven't seen our representative. I find this strange, as a congressman should be engaged. They should be out there talking with the people and the local elected officials to understand their challenges and to be a partner in helping to fix them. Unfortunately, this has not been the case with Mr. Owens, and it's unusual to see someone so disconnected from the voters he represents on the federal level.

The House of Representatives was formed to be the "voice of the people." Well, how can Mr. Owens be that "voice" if he's never around?

Matt Doheny is running against Mr. Owens. In the time that I first met Matt, I've seen him more than 20 separate times. That says something, and it shows he will be an engaged and hard-working representative if you give him the opportunity with your vote.

We need more elected officials who will be "public servants" like Matt. We don't need individuals like Mr. Owens who are more concerned with serving themselves than the people.


Madison County clerk

New Woodstock, Madison County



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