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Doheny will help region

September 30, 2012
The Leader Herald

As the summer warmth fades, the heat being generated is of a different kind.

The election season will focus, rightfully so, on the very important presidential choice that our country has.

Stripping away the slogans and sound bites, we have two distinct philosophies of government's role in our lives and must vote for who is best equipped to right our floundering economic ship. Closer to home, we have a competition between our sitting congressman, Bill Owens, and Matt Doheny.

Here, back in upstate New York, the votes and policies that Owens supported have not done well. He continues to tell us in the district one thing and then puts in with Nancy Pelosi when he gets back to D.C.

The ridiculous regulations he derides in his TV ads are bad for business and farming, but he fails to point out that they are all products of the administration he supports at every turn.

Matt Doheny, candidate for the new 21st Congressional District, is a self-made man, a local Alexander Bay fellow who has extensive experience in the private sector. His keen awareness of what it takes to manage and save companies and start new ones is precisely what our region needs now.

Matt and his new wife, Mary, will be tireless workers for the people and future of the North Country. His ideas and innovations for positive growth here - at a time when our region lags far behind in jobs and opportunity for young people - coupled with his remarkable energy, make Matt Doheny our best choice on Election day. Your vote counts, now more than ever.





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