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Vote for best candidate in Nov. election

September 26, 2012
The Leader Herald

A very important election will take place in November. Elections are popular like sports events, but it is important to view them as times for rational decisions, not as a choice between our team or theirs. If one group of candidates will be more beneficial to the most people, they should receive more votes. We can tell which people are trying to help us by what they say and what they do.

For instance, the expenses of Medicare were reduced by $716 billion by the party in office. This was done, in part, by reducing the fraud that had been prevalent. It was a good thing. It certainly needed to be done and saved money without affecting the benefits of the legitimate users of Medicare.

Republican candidates have been treating this as a bad thing, and it is a large part of their advertising, as if we should vote against Democrats who saved the taxpayers' money. Read and understand the ads.

Considerable discussion has occurred about the economy and jobs. President Obama has proposed methods of putting people to work repairing the infrastructure, repairing roads and bridges and aid to education to keep teachers working and keep class sizes at a level for efficient learning.

Republicans in Congress have voted against these benefits to the economy, claiming a need for a balanced budget. Warren Buffet, one of the very richest men in America, has pointed out his secretary pays a higher tax rate than he does. When Democrats have proposed the very rich should pay at a tax rate nearer what ordinary people pay, Republicans in Congress have voted against it, but they claim they want to balance the budget.

Remember, this is not a football game. It is a good idea to support and vote for candidates who will improve the economy. When the last Republican president left office, the national unemployment rate was more than 10 percent. It is now near 8 percent.





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