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Man’s spiritual rebirth orchestrated by God

September 24, 2012
The Leader Herald

Who is God? God is a person with a mind and character. God is omniscient. God knows every infinitesimal detail about man. Second, God is omnipresent. God pervades every area of this world and universe. God is omnipotent. God controls every aspect of life. A man's spiritual rebirth is orchestrated by God. God's attitude is, "I am the Lord thy God and I changeth not."

What is God's attitude toward man? First, God did not create man out of loneliness but so he could fellowship with man. God created man from the dust of the earth and gave him the Garden of Eden as a home. Out of love for man, he gave man the Garden of Eden to manage as well as have dominion over every creature. Man rebelled since God gave man free will. Free will is up to a boundary and no further. So God told our first parents not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. God exercised judgment on man for he banished man from the Garden of Eden.

God judges sin then and now. Men are forgiven for sin, but do not escape the consequences. Second, God, in his judgment on man, provided mercy on man for God then promised to send a redeemer. In God's judgments, he shows mercy. Thirdly, for example, God kept his promise with man and still does by leaving the very throne of heaven itself to be born a flesh and blood baby who is called Jesus, the most high. God displayed his absolute love for man in the incarnation of his son, Jesus, who bore the curse of sin on Calvary's cross as well as all the wrath and judgment of God on sin. Our sin is unbelief, which was judged at the cross. Fourth, in God's grace, in one redemptive act, Jesus shed his blood on the cross for the remission of man's sin and, in exchange, gives all who believe in him righteousness. Fifth, our faith is a gift from God by an act of grace. Sixth, love always confronts, so God confronts man and tells him through his word we are sinners needing to say, "Lord Jesus, I take you as Lord of my life, save me."

But, finally, and here is the major point, God's attitude toward man is forgiveness since God loves us enough to bestow life.





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