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Letter to editor was a partisan diatribe

September 19, 2012
The Leader Herald

Wow, am I ever glad I picked up the Sunday issue of The Leader-Herald. Had I not done so, I would have missed the deeply insightful letter to the editor by Rose Mazur, in which she brilliantly pointed out - quoting irrefutable evidence (her own obviously biased opinion) - the "lies, distortions and fear-mongering" supposedly espoused by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan at the Republican National Convention.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Rose Mazur, for opening our eyes.

Sarcasm aside, was The Leader-Herald so very desperate to fill up a few column-inches that day? Surely there was something in your slush-pile superior to this partisan diatribe. Ironically, right beneath the letter in question, you advise writers to "Please make sure the facts cited in your letter are accurate." Now, how do you suppose Mazur was able to do that? By consulting the Democratic National Committee?

Please. If it is lies, distortions and fear-mongering (not to mention "outrageous and totally false statements" and "erroneous garbage") you are interested in, I refer you to the opponents of Romney and Ryan.

I know better than to expect an apology from Mazur, but surely The Leader-Herald should be embarrassed to have sunk this low.





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