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Treat flag with respect

September 15, 2012
The Leader Herald

As an American, a veteran and a citizen, I was appalled during some of the activities at the Fonda Fair recently. Between people being disrespectful to others and themselves - and most of all, disrespecting the largest symbol of our freedom in our nation - I was unsure of what to think. I still am. I have been away from this area for almost 20 years, and maybe I have insight few others do.

When our national anthem was sung, most people did stand, but few placed a hand over their heart or removed caps. People were talking, and not quietly, which included some of the "staff." I was shocked that even our older generation didn't seem to have respect.

During the parade Sept. 1, our flag was carried in front of the grandstands numerous times. The first few times when they came through, my husband, children and I did what we have always done and should do. We stood up in respect and appreciation for our country and those the flag represents, both dead and alive.

When a volunteer fire department came through and lowered our nation's flag below the department's flag or state flag, we were shocked at the disrespect. We understand the reason for lowering the flag, and we applaud that, but not lowering it below any other flag for any reason.

Why didn't the announcer ask the viewers to stand? Why didn't we as citizens do that without being told? Most importantly, why was the symbol of our freedom, our country- and the object thousands upon thousands of men and women fight to protect every day - lowered below any flag for any reason?





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