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Attendant was nasty at fair

September 12, 2012
The Leader Herald

I want to let people know about my experience with a person who was operating one of the rides at the Fonda Fair this year.

After spending a large amount of money on wristbands for four people, I wanted to make sure my children enjoyed every ride they could. My son was excited that my husband and I agreed he could ride the roller coaster for the first time in his life, if his older sister went with him. That was the best idea in the world; he was so excited. I was, too, because I knew this was going to give him something to remember for the rest of his life.

As we were waiting in line he was smiling and so excited to go on his first roller coaster ride. When it was their turn, his sister offered him a chance to pick which car they were going to ride in and of course it was the front car. My son and daughter were getting themselves settled in the car and the attendant came over to ensure they were buckled in right, or so I thought.

All of a sudden I hear the attendant yell at my son "Move or get off." I was terrified. My son, who is 4 years old, was crying hysterically. I composed myself, looked at my husband and in a split second said to the attendant "That was not necessary. You didn't need to yell at my son." His response, "Sorry lad. Haven't had a kid listen once today."

What? Did I just hear this man right? Because he had a bad day with his customers, otherwise known as children -?they are still customers regardless of their age - he decides to yell at them? Since when is that OK? I was so furious at this point I got both my children off the ride and told the man to get a different job if he can't handle the one he has.

As I was walking away, I heard a few people talking and I overheard someone saying they have heard a lot of the attendants yelling at the kids this year. That disappoints me because my memories of the Fonda Fair have been wonderful ones for the past 37 years. However, my son will never have those memories. The only memory he will have is this mean man ruining his very first roller coaster ride. How disturbing.





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