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State land purchases will hurt wildlife

September 9, 2012
The Leader Herald

Gov. Andrew Cuomo shows the same hatred and contempt that his father showed towards the Adirondacks, its people, its natural resources and its environment. With purchasing the Finch/Nature Conservancy lands, he totally ignored the wishes and concerns of our local elected governing officials and the local residents. Instead, he chose to destroy more than 300 jobs, 200 sportsmen camps and the economy of the local towns and villages. He chose to destroy all wildlife habitat and fishery, aquatic life on 69,000 acres of lands and waters.

Instead of keeping these lands in active state forest managed lands with wildlife habitat, forest management, and jobs with associated economic benefits, he damned these lands and waters to eternal destruction. We have all seen the lack of habitat on forest preserve lands. Wildlife is left to starve and die without food and shelter. More than 3,000 bodies of water have been poisoned, silted, and all aquatic life, including our native brook trout murdered into extinction. Cuomo will now add another 175 lakes to this list. There will be no fish stocking, as each year we see DEC fishery and hatchery staff deleted, less fish being raised, and less waters stocked. Additionally, as we have seen in every Unit Management Plan, the vast majority of the people will be banned from these lands. Sportsmen, disabled veterans, handicapped, elderly and other outdoor recreationists will be denied access. These lands and waters, as we have seen with existing forest preserve lands, will become morgues with no wildlife, polluted waters and no access. All motorized travel will be banned; no snowmobiles, ATVs, ORVs, or motorboats as we have seen with road closures, etc., in every UMP to date. Claims by the state otherwise are a lie, as history has shown us.

Cuomo lies when he says he supports job growth, industry and business, and this proves it. The time is long overdue for the sportsmen, local citizens, veterans, the handicapped, the elderly and others to demand our elected officials take action to protect our communities. It is time to demand legislation that restricts forest preserve lands to those lands above 3,000 feet elevation. It is time to demand active management of all state-owned lands, including all forest preserve lands, for wildlife habitat and forestry products. Time to remove Cuomo and all other eco-terrorist supporters from office.


Paradox, Essex County



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