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Check facts on politicians

September 5, 2012
The Leader Herald

Here is the problem - politicians lie. This may come as no surprise, but now they lie more than ever as the laws allow more campaign fund abuses resulting in record-breaking hauls.

Right now, polling of the presidential race shows a consistent 47 percent-47 percent tie while the undecided are at 6 percent. We can only hope those 6 percent are well informed, but guess where the media blitzes are going next?

I recently signed a petition that was sent to the heads of the mainstream TV media, including FOX and MSNBC, asking that they fact check the politicians. I am calling those two news organs out because of their notorious mixing of news and opinion, which leads to, you guessed it, a misinformed electorate dwelling inside a media bubble where lies have an excellent chance of surviving. It is a place where newcomers to the media bubble give their loyalty in return for opinions that validate their usually mistaken beliefs. These beliefs become slogans on bumper stickers, and dog-whistles for the Pavlovian responses of the misinformed faithful.

We can only hope the 6 percent has an insatiable appetite for the truth and aggressively fact-check all that is said. One campaign manager said, "We can't let fact-checkers dictate our campaign." Sounds a lot like "We can't let the facts get in the way of a good argument." It is a sad commentary on their opinion of the voters.





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