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‘The Gathering’ welcomes all Christians

September 2, 2012
The Leader Herald

Are you going to "The Gathering?" This is an annual event and is held on the second Saturday in September. So who will be "gathering" Saturday at Shuttleworth Park in Amsterdam? All who believe in Jesus Christ and belong to his body.

I believe that it does not matter what Christian faith you belong to. We may have different doctrines - some are Baptists, Methodists, Catholics, non-denominational churches, Pentecostals, 7th day Adventists, Assemblies of God, Reformed and Presbyterians, just to name a few. If you believe that Jesus is God manifested in the flesh, was born as a man, crucified for our sins, died and rose from the grave, ascended to heaven and you expect him to return and take us back with him, then you are part of something much bigger than just your own church, faith or denomination. You are part of the body of Christ.

"The Gathering of His Body" began in 2007 by a couple from Perth, D.A. and Linda Schuster. They were inspired to plan a one-day event, where Christians could come together and celebrate Jesus.

The challenges included selecting a location, obtaining worship teams from various churches, planning children's activities and enlisting volunteers. Funding the event was the biggest challenge.

I spoke with D.A. and Linda, and they shared with me that they personally have funded the last five years of this event. I was quite surprised to learn that the expense was in excess of $10,000.

Without thinking, I said, "That's some expensive event to host for the community!"

D.A. said, "Everything belongs to the Lord, our money, too, and we are to be good stewards of the blessings provided to us by our Lord."

All of the musicians performed for the glory of God, without compensation, as they were honored to perform for the king.

This is the first year the Schusters have sought donations to fund "The Gathering." This year, as a way of saying "thank you," for each $5 donated, the donor will be given one of 2,000 tickets for a drawing at 12:45 p.m. on the day of the "Gathering," and the ticket holder will be given Schuster's 2000 Kawasaki Indian Drifter motorcycle.

The Gathering - - is for one reason: that we, for just one day, can join together to praise and worship the father. All are welcome and admission will be free.





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