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Celebrating 125 years

August 30, 2012
The Leader Herald

Aug. 30, 1887, wasn't an especially memorable day in history. The U.S. cavalry was fighting American Indians in the Southwest, a jockey was hurt in a horse race at Saratoga, and the price of cheese went up in Utica.

Here in Gloversville, however, the biggest news was the birth of a newspaper. Those stories and more were told on the front page of the very first edition of The Daily Leader.

Today, we invite our readers to join us in celebrating this newspaper's 125th birthday. A special commemorative section is included in today's print edition.

The ink-on-paper version of The Leader-Herald, despite a multitude of flashy electronic alternatives, continues to be a major source of local news for more than 20,000 readers in our area. Many people also visit for a summary of the day's top news, sports and commentary.

Small local newspapers like this one are read and supported by special people - people who value reliable information and care deeply about what's happening in their hometowns. Like you, the nearly 180 people who write, edit, market, print and deliver The Leader-Herald are invested in the local community.

The newspaper tells readers how their local governments and schools are run and how their tax dollars are spent, and in a larger sense, the newspaper reflects the culture and character of the communities it covers.

Through all the years and all the changes this newspaper has undergone since 1887, the paper's mission and function has remained the same.

All around the country, newspapers are facing economic pressures and competition from online media. Just this week, it was reported the major papers serving Syracuse, N.Y., and Harrisburg, Pa., soon will offer print editions only three days per week, putting more emphasis on their online editions.

As long as there is a strong demand for the complete package The Leader-Herald offers - reliable local news coverage, sports, weather, commentary, entertainment, comics and a forum for local advertisers - we will continue to meet the need in print and electronic formats.

Today, and long into the future, we hope you will continue to make The Leader-Herald a part of your day.



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