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Love connects people with God

August 25, 2012
The Leader Herald

Love is attractive. People are drawn to love. God is love and men of God love wholeheartedly and sincerely. A lost world is searching for love. The small acts of kindness we show others is a cup of cold water given to a spiritually thirsty person who is confused and hurting. All of us need love, for love is that transforming agent that wins people to Christ Jesus. Christians were made for good works (Ephesians 2:10). It is in giving of ourselves to others and to God that we find our lives.

Love is what brings a smile to the face, gives hope to a hurting person, encouragement to the downcast and draws like a magnet people to the savior. It is what brought the Samaritan woman to receive Christ at the well. Jesus my Lord used the illustration of water to make the Samaritan women see her spiritual thirst, and when she saw the love of Jesus she was attracted to him. He brought and bridged the gap between Samaritans and Jews.

Many people today feel isolated in a cold world. They feel helpless, despised and rejected. "In order to change the world you must first love people," my Christian counselor at the mental health clinic said. Wise words coming from a wise man. People are desperately searching for love like a man searches for treasure. When hurting men find a sincere, loving Christian, they have found a priceless treasure. Love connects people to people and people to God. Do not ever underestimate the power of love. It transforms is my message. It transcends hatred. Wise people love. Finally, love covers a multitude of sins. Christ Jesus, dying on the cross, was the exact representation of love.





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