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Questions remain about bonus case

August 20, 2012
The Leader Herald

Regarding the recent editorial, titled "Fund increase should wait," in The Leader-Herald: I agree, but there are questions that should have been asked.

The Crossroads Incubator Corp. sold many properties for a reported $31 million.

With $3 million paid out for unapproved bonuses that should leave about $28 million; so what happened to that money? With that kind of money, why should the Fulton?County Center for Regional Growth need another $50,000 from county taxpayers now? Where is that $28 million?

Now, if the CRG is getting funding from the taxpayer they are a public agency.

Someone explain to me why our Fulton County Board of Supervisors would even consider funding an agency that has proven they and their Boards of Directors are incompetent?

Our Board of Supervisors are just sitting there and giving away our hard-earned tax dollars and not making the agencies be accountable to the taxpayer. Why?

Are the members of the Board of Supervisors elected to operate our county in an efficient and effective manner? Do you really believe our county has been run efficiently or effectively for many years?

This is just proof that our supervisors are completely disrespecting us - the people they were elected to work for.

But then, the members of the Board of Supervisors just don't care because they know and understand that most of the residents of Fulton County just do not care. The residents prove it every time the supervisors come up for election by re-electing the same people.


Caroga Lake



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