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Multitasking to distraction

August 15, 2012
The Leader Herald

Multitasking: you all know what that is - trying to do more things at one time than you should - and it's not always a good idea.

Watching TV has become a multitasking event. What are you doing? Watching a picture, listening to what is being said and reading a new script across the bottom of the screen that does not even relate to what you are watching and listening to. So what are you learning? Maybe nothing. What are you watching? I forgot. What have you read? I don't know.

Isn't there something about "focusing" that we try to teach our young people? "Focus on what you are doing." "Focus on you driving." "Focus on what the teacher is saying."

I wonder what the "mind" experts would tell us about how many things a person can "focus" on at any given minute or second?

Oops, I missed that - something on TV while I was writing.

Sorry, lack of focus.





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