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Clo has knowledge required to be judge

August 14, 2012
The Leader Herald

Who the citizens elect as City Court judge will be critical to Gloversville's future. This person will be front and center for 10 years in the fight against blight and maintaining law and order. As citizens, we have three candidates before us, and the choices are far from equal when it comes to their experience.

Traci DiMezza is running on a platform of "integrity, accountability and justice." Yet, DiMezza never mentions she was publicly censured by the New York State Supreme Court for 68 charges of professional misconduct in October 2000. Since that time, DiMezza has primarily practiced divorce, family and real estate law. There is no mention of substantive criminal law experience in her resume, and she has never run for, or held, any of the public offices that would have provided her the experience needed to handle the types of cases seen in City Court. Gloversville can't survive being an inexperienced attorney's personal training ground.

Matt Trainor is running on "experience, integrity and community." Trainor's commitment to various organizations in our area indicate he is community minded, and while that's nice and all, it doesn't deal with the important component: experience. Trainor has only been practicing law since 2001. As assistant district attorney, Trainor was accused in a lawsuit of making defamatory comments in the case of Flagler vs. Trainor. That lawsuit is still ongoing. As Gloversville city attorney, Trainor filed an appeal in the Kinderhook case, but then did nothing to defend the city from this tax-depleting project that has been foisted upon the residents of the north end.

Judge John Clo, our current City Court judge, is my choice. Clo has been practicing law since 1993 - including 16 years as an assistant district attorney in Montgomery County and six years as city attorney in Gloversville. His years of successful public law experience, combined with a private practice centered around family and real estate law, ensure Clo's well-rounded knowledge is exactly what our City Court needs.

Gloversville needs successful public law experience. Our residents do not need to be the beneficiaries of someone's on-the-job training. Vote for our future. Please support Gloversville and vote for Judge John Clo in the upcoming Sept. 13 primary.





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