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Signs must be visible to show support

August 9, 2012
The Leader Herald

In the spring of this year, we, along with many other local businesses, showed our support for the Gloversville Little League by paying to advertise on signs attached to the fence surrounding the ballpark fence facing Harrison Street. It was a win/win situation. The fees we paid for the advertising helped to fund the Gloversville Little League. None of us advertisers expected to raise enough sales from those signs to offset their cost; that wasn't our motivation. Those signs meant more to us as a show of our support for the youth of this city than as a means of raising our income through increased sales. Everyone knows our names, and people shop with us locally or they don't. A Little League sign isn't going to be a deal breaker.

By the last week of June, however, none of these signs continued to be visible to passersby. The grass and weeds were tall enough to block any view of our signs, our names or our support. It is a sad commentary for both the Little League organization and for the lack of appreciation for the support local businesses give to such organizations year after year.

If there is no one in the Gloversville Little League who can organize a group of volunteers to cut down the grass and weeds so that the signs of your supporters can be seen from Harrison Street by passersby, then I suggest that the two young burglars who were caught trying to steal on the Little League premises be given community service, which would include manicuring (i.e. mowing) the Little League property so that it again becomes a source of pride for our city, both for the Gloversville Little League and its supporting small businesses.


Fulton County Glassworks Inc. owner




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