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Spots may change, animal the same

August 4, 2012
The Leader Herald

To the Fulton County Board of Supervisors:

The former Fulton County Residential Heath Care Facility has been sold and it's still costing us taxpayer money. The reason it was sold? "Couldn't afford it." Did we make a profit?

Hard working, honest Fulton County residents who are CSEA workers are struggling with the board for a contract in which they are asking for a pay raise. It has been more than three years for these citizens. Due to economic reasons, I am sure their gas and food bills also have increased and they are receiving less in their paychecks.

Through the newspaper and radio station locally we understand the board may again be unable to stay under the "tax cap." Who of us would have ever guessed?

Just a few reminders:

Here comes the new boards of the EDC and CIC. They would like the contribution from the board to go back up to $75,000 which they received up until a scandal occurred in 2010. At that time, two boards of intelligent people missed that more than $3 million from their funds had been paid out to two people in salaries.

Checks and balances? No.

This issue has not quieted down. The board has changed its name, but the board members are still the same as before.

To answer the contribution request, "No." Let them help some of us concerned citizens to get back at least some of the $3 million missing or start putting on their own fundraisers to help them make ends meet. Everyone else is having to do this.

A leopard may change its spots, but it is still a leopard.





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