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Show appreciation for success of others

August 2, 2012
The Leader Herald

I just read the recent letter from Richard Smith, owner of Robison & Smith, and feel I must respond.

First of all, let me say I am a retired state employee. My job was not inherited. I had to pass a very difficult test to obtain this position. One of the reasons I was able to pass the test is the education I received in the Gloversville school system. My deepest thanks to all of the teachers who helped educate me. Thanks, also, to the cafeteria workers, secretaries, custodians, and groundskeepers who helped keep the schools I attended cleaner, safer, and run more efficiently. I was able to get a good job and earn a decent salary. Fortunately, I have been able to own a washer and dryer so I don't have to depend on Mr. Smith for clean clothes.

I find Mr. Smith's attitude toward police, firemen, and public servants in general, disgusting and offensive. You could not pay me enough money to do the work they do. I don't have the guts it takes to run into a burning building or confront someone who may be armed or under the influence of drugs, alcohol, etc. I suspect Mr. Smith doesn't, either.

Luckily for him, these individuals he has such animosity for will respond with efficiency, bravery and courage should his home or business catch fire or be burglarized, despite his attitude.

I don't understand his attitude toward Fage. I know people who are happily employed there. They earn a decent salary, benefits, and are treated well. Jobs like those benefit the entire community. If people are employed, they are able to patronize local restaurants, stores, car dealerships, doctors, dentists, lawyers, etc. I respect the fact Mr. Smith has been able to maintain his business in difficult times, but I need to remind him that he has not done it alone. While driving around the area, I have seen his company trucks parked at local schools. Apparently his contempt of the school system doesn't preclude him from doing business with it.

I feel the kind of rhetoric Mr. Smith engages in is dangerous. Nothing good comes from harboring bitterness and resentment toward another. I think the community would be a much better place if we could all appreciate the success of others and lend a helping hand to those who have not been as fortunate.





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