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Deputies charge 75 people after party

July 30, 2012
The Leader Herald

PERTH -A total of 75 people aged 16 to 23 were charged by Fulton County sheriff's deputies - mostly with trespassing -from a large party July 19 at a vacant residence.

Those charged were processed following a complaint, deputies said. The suspects will appear in Town Court, and the investigation is continuing, with additional arrests pending, authorities said.

Deputies said Austin A. Casale, 18, of Amsterdam, was charged with one misdemeanor count of fourth-degree criminal mischief. Deputies said he damaged property within and outside the residence and trespassed without the owner's consent.

In addition, the following were charged with trespass:

Soren L. Spiethoff, 17, of Johnstown; Alicia A. Sikora, 18, of Broadalbin; Mary E. Decutke, 17, of Johnstown; Amanda K. Russo, 19, of Amsterdam; Nikki-Laren Quant, 18, of Gloversville; Caitlyn E. Fagan, 18, of Johnstown; Juliana A. Dezolt, 18, of Fort Johnson; Ethan L. Church, 17, of Broadalbin; Maureen Y. Auricchio, 17, of Amsterdam; Alianna A.B. Zevola, 17, of Amsterdam; Samantha E. Moore, 18, of Fultonville; Nicholas J. Coveney, 18, of Ballston Spa; Michael I. Quill, 18, of Broadalbin.

Breanna R. Chatterton, 17, of Amsterdam; Matthew D. Gifford, 17, of Johnstown; Jeremiah K. White-Sira, 23, of Broadalbin; Jordan M. Capobianco, 16, of Gloversville; Andrew J. Askew, 19, of Gloversville; Thomas C. Cole, 19, of Gloversville; Joshua S. Brown, 17, of Johnstown; Mitchell J. Vdoviak, 17, of Johnstown; Waleed A. Rana, 22, of Fultonville; Naveed A. Rana, 20, of Fultonville; James P. Sheenan, 20, of Tribes Hill; Michael J. Fancher, 17, of Gloversville.

Jonathan A. Berrios, 17, of Amsterdam; Daniel L. Castro, 19, of Amsterdam; Anthony V. Young, 19, of Johnstown; Tyler J. Raco, 18, of Amsterdam; Brendon A. Hayner, 18, of Johnstown; Kyle B. Casimiro, 17, of Gloversville; Christian A. Morell, 19, of Gloversville; Michael J. Kelly, 20, of Johnstown; Jose E. Ortiz-Ruiz, 21, of Amsterdam; Alexis C. Cannizzo, 18, of Johnstown; Joseph Licciardi IV, 19, of Johnstown; Ethan N. Roberts-Cutler, 18, of Johnstown; Destiny F. Ciccone, 16, of Amsterdam.

Cameron G. Derocker, 23, of Broadalbin; Kara E. Lasher, 18, of Amsterdam; Andy Ortiz, 20, of Amsterdam; Bruno Q. Nguyen-Cote, 18, of Johnstown; Jordan P. Malagisi, 17, of Caroga Lake; Elizabeth E. Havlicek, 19, of Johnstown; Ashley N. Meyer, 18, of Pattersonville; Jared R.E. Thurber, 23, of Broadalbin; Heather A. Forrest, 16, of Gloversville; Kayla M. Barton, 17, of Mayfield; Amanda L. Drake, 17, of Broadalbin; Meaghan E. Sherlock, 16, of Amsterdam; Tia E. Orlosky, 18, of Amsterdam; Brett M. Noonan, 19, of Fonda.

Harley C. Redlin, 20, of Esperance; Nicholas A. Caruso, 16, of Hagaman; Kelly N. Paris, 17, of Amsterdam; Katherine J. Ressel, 17, of Amsterdam; Nicholas A. Natoli, 19, of Amsterdam; Peter J. Reidy, 18, of Broadalbin; Hector C. Hill, 18, of Amsterdam; Jessica L. Benton, 18, of Gloversville; Alexander G. Vertuci, 17, of Amsterdam; Megan L. Walega, 19, of Amsterdam.

Jonathan D. Danise, 20, of Broadalbin; Sierra L. Frank, 22, of Fort Hunter; Nicholas A. Gallo, 18, of Johnstown; John T. Omeis, 20, of Fonda; Nadaysha S. Bryant, 17, of Amsterdam; Thomas F. Singleton, 18, of Gloversville; Savannah D. Burese, 18, of Broadalbin; Kelsie R. Dingman, 17, of Johnstown; David J. Vandenabeele, 17, of Gloversville; Gabriella M. Rodriguez-Angelo, 20, of Amsterdam; Kayla M. Ringer, 19, of Gloversville; Dominic X. Kwiatkowski, 18, of Broadalbin.



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