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Eat vegan food to stop cows’ suffering

July 28, 2012
The Leader Herald

Most people have heard about the salmonella outbreak that's sickened at least 33 people and forced Cargill to recall more than 29,000 pounds of ground beef. Relatively few people, however, have thought about the hundreds of cows that were killed to make this meat, which is now just being tossed out. We mustn't overlook their needless deaths.

When cows are very young, they're branded with hot irons, their horns are cut or burned off and males are castrated - all without painkillers. They're confined to filthy feedlots and fattened for slaughter. Then they're crowded onto transport trucks and shipped hundreds of miles, often without food and water. At the slaughterhouse, they're hung upside-down, their throats are slit and they are skinned and gutted. Some remain conscious through the entire process.

It's no wonder these gentle giants go to great lengths to escape from slaughterhouses. They value their lives, just as you and I value ours. You can help stop their suffering by choosing healthy and humane vegan foods.


PETA Foundation

Norfolk, Va.



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