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Parents share blame, too

July 23, 2012
The Leader Herald

This is in reference to Art Simonds' letter. We cannot put all the blame on the school district for its lack of improvements on scores and a below-60 percent graduation rate. We need to start making parents accountable for their troubled youth.

You state "make parents part of the process even when they do not want to be." My question for you is, how does the school district make parents part of the process? By force? Most of the parents with troubled youth couldn't care less if their children are bathed, fed, have homework assignments done, or even get to school. Parents need to step up and be accountable for their children and then the school district will have a better chance to effectively educate them.

I know many of the teachers in the Gloversville school district that are very dedicated to the students' interests and not just their salaries and benefits. Many of these teachers use a portion of their own salary to provide supplies to students whose parents' priorities are clearly not in the best interest of their children.

Mr. Simonds, since you are a part of the Gloversville schools community, how can you help that change, instead of pointing the blame? How are you going to help get the kids off the streets, study harder, and to see the importance of doing well in school and graduating?





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