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For-profit enterprise is beneficial for all

July 23, 2012
The Leader Herald

On July 19, the Leader published a collectivist rant by Keith Herrick. He denigrates profit and calls those who earn profits "monsters." With such hostility to the American way becoming increasingly fashionable, it would do genuine Americans well to remind ourselves what profit implies. Profits are made after individuals: 1) make something that another wants to buy and 2) offer it for a price another wants to pay. Profit presupposes trade and trade is a mutually beneficial transaction made in the absence of force. Trade is both moral and practical. Trade benefits all at the expense of none. Those who are unproductive or parasitical have no love of trade; they don't intend to produce anything to trade.

Herrick claims ObamaCare will work. Let's look at the record government has compiled in the socialistic attempt to replace the free market: Social Security (bankrupt), Post Office (bankrupt), education (bankrupt), solar energy (bankrupt), Armed Services (closing bases and compromising national security), GM (propped up by taxpayers, otherwise unable to produce). The federal government borrows 40 cents of every dollar spent - that is bankruptcy. Brazenly, Mr. Herrick asks Americans to trust that record over the likes of: Apple computer (private), FedEx (private), Amazon (private), Southwest Airlines (private), University of Phoenix online college (private). Jonas Salk (private), Thomas Edison (private), Metropolitan Life (private), and Walmart (private). These make their profits by providing for those of us who produce and trade.

Those with millions to spend on supporting free-market medicine tend to be those who earned their money by production and trade. How do governments get their money? By legalized force. Do productive Americans want force and failure between them and their doctors? And you, doctor, do you wish to be a government employee? If so, declare yourself openly and let us exercise our judgement in the free market.


Shrewsbury, Mass.



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