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Writer drew misleading conclusions

July 22, 2012
The Leader Herald

A writer, Andrew Napolitano, whom I have not previously seen in The Leader-Herald, wrote a recent opinion article with lots of statistics but very misleading conclusions.

First, he states that 50 percent of households pay no taxes and 50 percent draw benefits or income from government. The conclusion would be that half of us pay taxes and the other half takes and pays nothing. The statistics may be correct, but the conclusions are the author's bias. The military, police, fire, sanitation workers, teachers, etc., all get federal money, and some of them pay no income tax, and many of our military members get social services because they are paid so poorly. Many of us get Social Security or VA pensions and also pay taxes. Many of us who pay taxes draw some income from government, and many of the no-income taxpayers get nothing from the government.

The author also does not make it clear that he is talking only about income tax. Almost all of us pay Social Security, Medicare and real estate taxes, as these taxes start at the first dollar earned.

Napolitano then shifts gears and complains about government eavesdropping on our conversations and watching us with its cameras. As long as government doesn't use these powers to act against citizens who are exercising legal rights, we are not complaining. We want government to protect us against crime and terrorism. If we don't have security, we have no freedom.

I have not seen Napolitano in the The Leader-Herald before, and if this is any example of his thinking, we don't need to see him in the future.





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