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End private health insurance companies

July 19, 2012
The Leader Herald

Every so often in the history of our nation the American people rise up en masse to fulfill their sacred destiny by voting in their own interest in spite of well-crafted political persuasion. This is one such time.

In four months, we will have the opportunity to decide for universal single-payer health reform coverage and put out of business the immoral private health insurance vultures that have ravaged our communities for so long. Each year, more than $350 billion goes to these administrative fat cats who have never healed one single affliction.

These multi-trillion-dollar business propagandists will tell us that single payer is socialized medicine with government paying for doctors and hospitals. That's a lie. They will tell us that single payer will lead to rationing, like Canada. That's a lie. They will tell us costs will skyrocket under single payer. That's a lie. They will tell us drugs will be more difficult to get and that single payer will cover less than the insurance we have now. That's a lie. Finally, when all else fails, they will tell us single payer will cost us more than what we are paying now for private health insurance. Again, that too is a lie.

Under single payer, we get a health care card and we can go to any doctor or hospital in the United States. Under single payer, there is no rationing as with private health insurance and costs don't skyrocket because the private health insurers will no longer be making billion-dollar profits on our illnesses. Also, drugs would be cheaper by doing research under the National Institutes of Health rather than the "for profit" private drug companies. All medically necessary care would be tax funded through single payer, including doctor visits, hospital care, prescriptions, nursing, rehab, eye and dental care. No more bills, no more deductibles and no more co-pays. Without the "profit factor," economists agree that we would pay less through taxes for single payer than what we pay now to the private health insurance monsters.

We, the American people, are at a cross road decision. Do we scrap the Affordable Health Care Act on its way to single payer, or do we all push for this breakthrough in health care, single payer and once and for all, end the immoral and unaffordable "profits on illness" industry?





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