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Ruling will have people waiting in line

July 17, 2012
The Leader Herald

The recent Supreme Court ruling regarding the Obamacare bill reflects how the country feels about the matter: split.

The court ruled that the bill is "constitutional," that's all. Not right, mind you. We have a court of laws, not necessarily justice. The tiebreaking vote went to Justice Roberts, who decided in favor of it being constitutional.

More important to point out were the dissenting remarks. The highest court in the land pretty much told us, "You dont like it? Show up in November and change it." The best legal minds in the world had split opinions of the law.

I see it this way. I work for a big company that is always looking to cut costs. Health care is a big expense. It's cheaper to pay the penalty (tax) for not providing health care than to pay the premium. Make sense? So, I get thrown into a program run by the government. Sounds swell. Ever wait in line at a department of motor vehicles office?

So, let's say I'm walking down the street and one of my eyeballs falls out. My own doctor cannot help me because he does not accept my new government insurance. "Dr. Kaasoonblian" from the medical mecca of Bangladesh can. He offers me a very fashionable eyepatch - black, very slimming - to wear until he can see me in six months. The girl next to me informs me she has stage one cancer of the nostril and the staff feels confident treatment will start well before stage three.

It's all good.

Is November here yet?

P.S. The girl with the nostril thing? She got coupons from Mary Kay for makeup and Smitty's house of costume for free Groucho Marks glasses and a nose cover system to hold her over through stage two.





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