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Opinion page shows important subjects

July 7, 2012
The Leader Herald

Wow. Wednesday's opinion page was one of the best I have ever seen, or remember. I'm 76, so I've seen a few and remember - well, some.

The editorial on independence and freedom was exceptional. A little history lesson as well as bringing us right into today. Is it really that we don't realize for the sake of "security" we are losing our liberty? We are in some hot water and the temperature is slowly being turned up.

For the sake of our comfort, we borrow money from other countries and are slowly losing our independence. Can you imagine the loss of our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence?

Some like to tell us the times have changed. No, they have not. We are still faced today with a national debt as they were in 1776; also, attacks from outside and the question of personal liberties and limited government and big, controlling government.

And then on the same page we hear from Thomas Sowell on the different approaches for teaching economics in our colleges and how things can be twisted. We need to be aware of basic fundamentals and not be misled.

And lastly, two good letters to the editor - one on stopping unfunded mandates coming down from on high (the government), and the other about respect for other people on the waterways. In all three cases - independence, learning and individual respect - three great subjects. Put all three together and maybe we can regain our country.

Yes, we will have to give up some of the things the governments "give us," but we can regain the America of independence, education and respect.





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